Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-07-27


Frustrated: nothing
Looking forward to a trip to Kyrgyzstan.
Talked with Ralph about the brand, how to use it for the next conf, got some todos to follow.
Tried to oversee funding while Tobias is away.


On vacation, the weather was really bad. Went camping in tents, constant rain… So got to do some Neos stuff instead, started using the graph database (Neo4J) for CR. And then see how it can be done on an SQL db.
Showed us a little demo.


Just back from vacation, really happy how it went, even managed to do a bit of React coding.
Started gathering a list of Docker images for Neos, want to link to it from the docs: [WIKI] List of Neos/Flow Docker images
Created my own Docker image, a lot of magic, check it out.

missing… but reported:


Frustrated: sick for a couple of days
Happy: we finally will have a bank account for Neos Foundation; doing rocket science with Kubernetes and MariaDB Galera Cluster for Beach; shaping (yet another) set of Docker images for Neos etc. to be published, HOLIDAYS SOON!
Next: sleep


happy: well… coding can be fun. also did reviews, merges, upmerges
frustrated: not really
show: nothing
next: do bugfix releases


I am at home with my kids. No school.
But Flo and me had a hangout about some Neos corporate design updates.