Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-08-03

Florian, Ralf, Gina, Wilhelm, Karsten, Dimitri, Bernhard
Robert, Daniel


Frustrated me: Not to know how to get to decisions especially regarding to “Neos begeistert”
Made me happy: Everything back to normal after all this holidays.
Next plans: Neos begeistert
To show: nothing


Frustrated me: React UI funding topic was not really handed over regarding the external communication
Made me happy: nothing especially
Next plans: Funding
To show: nothing


Frustrated me: nothing
Made me happy: New contributors the React UI, especially André König
Next plans: Started the awesome list and grow it, everybody is invited to join.
To show:


Frustrated: Nothing (no wifi in the roof) but: nice weather in DÜ and not joining
Happy: Started to work on a Neos project for a laundry company to display the status of the machines.
Next: Business as usual, reviews and then holidays, work with Gerhard on the release.
Show: nothing


Frustrated: nothing
Happy: On the sprint, good work with Max and Thorsten - much fun!
Next: regarding the UI - API, Acceptance tests
Show: nothing


Frustrated: a bit envy because not joining the sprint
Happy: graph works, finished the first prototype, performance tests -> speed increase!
Show: Screensharing


Frustrated: Could not swim yesterday
Happy: Funding might work
Next: Follow up the funding
Show: Neos begeistert, Guideline: How to get binding team decisions