Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-08-10


  • happy: overridable XLIFF labels almost merged…, further tweaked graph-based CR, birthday :cake:
  • frustrated: no, thanks
  • planned: do work
  • show: nothing


  • happy: a lot of activity around PRs and the upcoming release
  • frustrated: no, why?
  • planned: relax and recharge body & soul during the next three weeks… see you in September
  • show: nothing


  • happy: can relax again at work (lots of Neos involved) after two weeks of holidays
  • frustrated: exhausting three Neos project weeks ahead
  • planned: heavily test the React UI
  • show: nothing


… got caught hunting for new bugs in the new UI :slight_smile: and thus missed the meeting

  • happy: trying to setup E2E testing and TestCafe seems to kick ass. New UI kicks ass too.
  • frustrated: a lot of time went into evaluation, TestCafe still doesn’t working perfectly with all the selectors, needs more time to debug which I don’t have at hand
  • plans: would love to finish E2E setup in the upcoming weeks, if time allows


  • happy: managed to fundraise 5000.- from h-hotels (thanx to holger wess) and 500.- from mittwald, onedrop will write a newsletter to the customers about the fundraising. i’m still waiting for the holidays to pass by…
  • frustrated: not really
  • show: nothing
  • next: go on with the fundraising, the setup of the CIC bank account and the core feature badge for aske


  • happy: on vacation


on the road…

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