Team Minions | Team Meeting |2017-08-17


  • Happy: Started to read a book: The Rosie Project
  • Frustrated: UI-Funding Money grows slowly - need more 10 thousands till end of the week
  • Plans: Work on the funding
  • Show: -


  • Happy: Max is really active at the UI rewrite
  • Frustrated: Lots to do, kind of stressed - no vacation in sight
  • Plans: Work on the UI, finding and fixing bugs
  • Show: -


  • Happy: A black PHP elephant joind the blue one
  • Frustrated: Not much time for Neos itself
  • Show: Almost showed the responsive image feature
  • Plans: Show the feature next week


  • Happy: A lot of Neos work to do!
  • Frustrated: Had to implement access protected and frontend user login - looks like this part of Neos needs some love
  • Show: Great login wallpaper candidates for Neos 2.1: Neos 3.2 Login Wallpaper
  • Plans: Further using / testing the new UI

-> Made “The Robert”


  • Happys: funding is proceeding, Neos begeister is being pushed
  • Frustrated: a lot to take care of before holiday
  • Plans: create discuss post for changing the conference logo concept

Made my day :smiley: