Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-09-14


  • happy: Neos Foundation moves forward (credit card, stamp, …)
  • happy: looking forward to Event Sourcing sprint in Kiel next week
  • happy: refactored a ton of code to even better ES practices
  • frustrated: working on a project with mostly frontend stuff currently, but happy to learn stuff


  • happy: almost all bugs in React UI fixed. :tada:
  • happy: working on tree, drag & drop, … in new UI
  • share: have everyone try the new React UI


  • happy: in the middle of a huge Neos update, going very well, better than expected
  • frustrated: not much time to spend on React UI currently (hoping for in two weeks)
  • happy: little experiment last week about translating “styled components” from the React world into AFX, went surprisingly well



  • happy: business as usual :slight_smile:
  • frustrated: nothing new :wink:
  • actually: did some release issue debugging, infrastructure tweaks, reviews, merges