Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-12-07


As of next week new date/time for the weekly: Tue 9:45 UTC (until 3/25/18)


  • happy: thank-you card for Neos supporters in print; participated in great impro theatre workshop
  • sad: situation in da company – everyone is in pre-x-mas-sven-mode
  • planned: physical bagdes, budget process & invoicing


  • happy: working on potential core feature (external asset management integration), started working with React
  • sad: everyone taking turns with being ill -> exhausting -> stressed. getting better again.
  • planned: all the small things


  • happy: working on Neos again (content dimensions, integrating with routing improvements)
  • sad: nope
  • planned: continue with event-sourced CR (very big tetris!)


  • happy: found some time to work on Neos/Flow; release seems to be progressing; lot’s of work
  • sad: lot’s of work
  • planned: more work, then :christmas_tree:, then :fireworks:


  • Been doing: fixing SelectBox refactoring in the UI.
  • Plans: release the UI.
  • Fun stuff at work: implemented a super simple app with, already in production.