Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2018-03-20

Daniel, Dmitri, Gina (async), Karsten, Robert
Florian, Bernhard
Wilhelm since 2017-12-25 (for coming 12 months)
Ralf since 2018-01-08 (for unknown duration)
All team members
Daniel, Dmitri, Florian, Gina, Karsten, Bernhard, Ralf, Robert, Wilhelm

The draft for the protocol can be found here


@all: This week’s kitchen duty: GitHub PRs


  • happy: a new customer - a quite demanding transition
  • sad: nothing so far
  • plans: neos con talk and badges
  • show: nothing


  • frustrated: a bit, because tech sucks and humans do, too, sometimes. on a global scale, that is. and there’s a lot of work to do. on all scales.
  • happy: a bugfix of mine was merged, doing upmerges, getting a grip on current tasks
  • plans: finish stuff, do upmerges and patch level releases today/tomorrow
  • show: no


  • frustrated: too much work to do stuff on Neos… then again, partly caused by Neos Conference, so…
  • happy: working on new asset management, integrating that in the core
  • plans: no
  • show: no


  • frustrated: ****
  • happy: some people voted different; created a bunch of React UI extensions, works out great! working on conference talk
  • plans: no
  • show: no


  • frustrated: a lot of open, interconnected PRs seemingly stuck… lacking time.
  • happy: customer happy about project having worked on the half year
  • plans: work on those PSR
  • show: no