Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2018-07-31

Daniel, Dmitri, Karsten, Bernhard
Robert (vacation), Gina (at a customer), Florian
Wilhelm since 2017-12-25 (for coming 12 months)
Ralf since 2018-01-08 (for unknown duration)
All team members
Daniel, Dmitri, Florian, Gina, Karsten, Bernhard, Ralf, Robert, Wilhelm

The draft for the protocol can be found here


@all: This week’s kitchen duty: Inbox

@all: We are the team for the next Neos/Flow release, due in August. Release board available at will be the RM with help by @daniellienert and @kdambekalns.


  • happy: on holidays after August 22nd, big project release finally to be done on Sunday :slight_smile:
  • frustrated: still confusion around release
  • plans: work on link editor and/or credits for assets, release stuff
  • show: –



  • happy: vacation was really nice…
  • frustrated: even hotter here than during vacation
  • plans: get up to speed again, reviews, release help
  • show: –


  • happy: excited about upcoming release
  • frustrated: hotter than ever in Hamburg, even though the promise was fall-like weather…
  • plans: finish rewrite of node:repair; do a Neos release, first time ever. :sunglasses:
  • show: graph-based node repair