Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2018-08-21

Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Karsten, Maya, Robert
none :champagne:
Florian since 2018-07-09 (for unknown duration)
Gina since 2018-08-09 (for unknown duration)
Wilhelm since 2017-12-25 (for coming 12 months)
Ralf since 2018-01-08 (for unknown duration)
All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Florian, Gina, Karsten, Maya, Ralf, Robert, Wilhelm

The draft for the protocol can be found here


Welcome to the team, @mbornschein

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: Inbox

@all: We are the team for the next Neos/Flow release, due in August. Release board available at will be the RM with help by @daniellienert and @kdambekalns.

As for the team issues, those who have been inactive are to be removed from a team after four weeks, say our rules. That means that Florian, Ralf and Wilhelm should be removed. For Wilhelm we have the special case of a known “date of return”, so… we’ll clear that up until next week (@robert starts a discussion on Discourse.)


  • happy: back, already did some Neos work
  • frustrated: everything about the Neos Foundation CIC is really complicated…
  • plans: do something more meaningful for Neos
  • show: %


  • happy: as usual, happy to be able to work on React UI (sponsorhips rock!)
  • frustrated: %
  • plans: new UI releases with less bugs for the next two months
  • show: %


  • happy: happy to be in the team
  • frustrated: first PR was a bit frustrating due to git issues, next sprint not possible (birthday!)
  • plans: do first PR for real
  • show: %


  • happy: working on Neos, so… life is good.
  • frustrated: working on new node:repair stuff, tests are green, breaks in real life. and still slow.
  • plans: do release work…
  • show: %


  • happy: no longer a lonesome office drone, but having @robert back… (and :coffee:️)
  • frustrated: %
  • plans: do branches today, get the release going
  • show: %


  • happy: progress being made with easier logging, worked on a Elasticsearch-based asset-usage-search-strategy
  • frustrated: still stressful with running projects
  • plans: offline next week :tada:
  • show: %
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