Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2019-03-12

Daniel, Karsten, Maya, Robert
Bernhard, Dmitri
Gina since 2018-08-09 (until end of february 2019)
Wilhelm since 2017-12-25 (for coming 12 months)
All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Gina, Karsten, Maya, Robert, Wilhelm

The draft for the protocol can be found here


@all: This week’s kitchen duty: GitHub PRs


  • happy: made good progress on smart cropping for assets in Neos :brain::scissors:
  • frustrated: :money_with_wings:
  • plans: wrap up smart cropping development to hand over UI development; continue trademark stuff ™️
  • show: smart cropping for assets in Neos



  • happy: long weekend, renovated apartment, no laptop open for five days; sold a Neos Conference ticket :wink:
  • fascinated: how much stuff can be accumulated in a tiny apartment :package::minibus:
  • plans: %
  • show: %


  • happy: metal will be removed from pinky this week. :mask:
  • frustrated: acquired a cold :sneezing_face:
  • plans: further work on release tooling :toolbox:
  • show: :spider_web:

Dmitri (async, due to conflicting meeting)

  • What I’ve been doing: preparing for the sprint with Yuri, he’s currently coding a prototype for (Draft) RFC: Develop Github Bot that would help reviewing PRs). Also trying to be around, reply to all UI PRs and issues etc.
  • Plans: fix a few bugs that I recently spotted and then… SPRINT!!!
  • Happy/frustrated at the same time: a lot of stuff going on with work and family stuff

Gina (async)

  • happy: moved my apartment!!!
  • frustrated: still wrong weekly time to attend :disappointed:, no wifi yet in my apartment :disappointed:
  • plans: get the pile done which piled up during moving…
  • show: nothing