Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2020-05-12

(Daniel, Dmitri, Gina, Karsten)
Bernhard, Fabian, Robert

All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, Gina, Karsten, Robert

The draft for the protocol can be found here

Kitchen duty: Inbox

All asynchronously this time…


happy: many new things are happening :smiley:
sad: after that amazing sunny weekend, I’m sad about the temperature drop :frowning:
show: my flowers… will upload some pics…
plans: too many…


  • happy: had a productive weekend with my sons
  • sad: why so cold? at least it’s still sunny!
  • show: our new home climbing wall
  • plans: we’ll see!


  • happy: finally was able to work on something Neos related: @lorenzulrich sponsored the search feature for FlatNav!
  • sad: a little bit overworked atm
  • show: see the search feature in master of FlatNav. will make a release once I get more testers.
  • plans: -


  • happy: finally, after reading elasticsearch documentation for hours at the weekend, It seems I slowly master that beast with its gazilion ways to do the same thing (search something)
  • sad: Absolutely overworked. Saw a chance yesterday, that my holiday could take place end of the month. Cancelled again today.
  • show: Also a search feature :slightly_smiling_face: I released today:
  • plans: Already writing the release post for the Elasticsearch Adapter, got hope that I it will be released this month