Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2020-12-03

Gina, Karsten, Robert
Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian
Bernhard (until mid-January 2021)
All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, Gina, Karsten, Robert

The draft for the protocol can be found here


  • sad: trademark stuff is complicated: Swiss laws, Brexit, US laws vs. EU laws, …
  • happy: Neos “helpdesk” migration :white_check_mark:
  • plans: …
  • show: …


  • sad: not really, except for the horrible Slack audio lag this meeting… :exploding_head:
  • happy: did patch-level releases & upmerges done, PhpUnit 9 support, …
  • plans: still finalize some stuff for Neos
  • tell: released patch level releases of Neos, farewell to EOL versions!


  • sad: same, same… work situation complicated by Corona still complicated
  • happy: read through discuss a lot, checked out Zammad; printed some self-made x-mas cards
  • plans: do some (Neos) bookkeeping, knit some socks, plan workshop for next week
  • show: …
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