Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2021-02-04

Bernhard, Daniel, Fabian, Karsten, Robert
Dmitri, Gina

All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, Gina, Karsten, Robert

The draft for the protocol can be found here


  • sad: JS build stacks are, well… but at least no new Neos trademark issues
  • happy: learning a ton of new stuff (React, Redux, TypeScript, Babel, Webpack, …)
  • plans: finish learning to be able to actully solve the isse at hand :slight_smile:
  • show: …


  • sad: no
  • happy: looked at session proposals for Neos Conference, non-Neos topics more or less complete; “applications” for on-site participations puring in
  • plans: something secret about Neos Conference
  • show: no newborn yet


  • sad: no
  • happy: getting back into ESCR project, playing violin again
  • plans: get back into ESCR project, submit a talk to Neos Conference
  • show: …


  • sad: no internet in new house (“Telekom ist von den Gedöns-Anbietern ja noch der Beste, aber…”) [1]
  • happy: first Neos 7 project launched, going well
  • plans: improve some packages (e.g. aertmann/history), improve cache flushing across dimensions for Neos 7.1
  • show: …


  • sad: …
  • happy: bugs that are “tangible” are more fun to solve, than others, so… yupp
  • plans: really get updated, can’t be that hard to solve memory issues with PHP, can’t it?
  • show: …


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