Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2021-03-25

Bernhard, Fabian, Karsten
Daniel, Dmitri, Gina, Robert

All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, Gina, Karsten, Robert

The draft for the protocol can be found here


  • happy: only six weeks until Neos Conference, picking up speed… coming up with new ideas :bulb:
  • sad: no! :man_dancing:
  • plans: Neos Conference FTW!
  • show: …


  • happy: working on new stuff with Bernhard; further working on CR, experimenting with PostgreSQL a lot :rocket:
  • sad: only few people share the excitement about the hypergraph projection; and most people are busy with other stuff :smiley_cat:
  • plans: find more uses cases for the hypergraph :mag_right:
  • show: more decoration in the apartment! :framed_picture:


  • happy: released new FE login package versions; worked on, finally :+1:
  • sad: still issues with, need to do memory-profiling… :disappointed:
  • plans: work on :recycle:
  • show: …