Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2022-06-23

Bernhard, Robert, Karsten
Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, Gina

All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, Gina, Karsten, Robert, Wilhelm (async)

Neos 8.1 release management

Due in August, Robert & Karsten are not available in most of July. Who would take the release management?

Current plan:

  • Determine & announce relevant dates beginning of July
  • Roundhouse-kick in last week if July to wake people up
  • Actual release work in August
  • @robert & @kdambekalns will take care of “management”, others help with reviews, testing & so forth
  • topics of importance: PHP 8.1 adjustments, branch naming (@kdambekalns will look into it), upmerges to 9 (@Nezaniel would look into it)

Team health

Last meeting was in November 2021, and only little activity is happening. What do we do? Split the remains into the other teams? At least we should probably have a chat and possibly clean up, if needed. :neutral_face:

Idea: Meet at next sprint and set aside time for a team retro / status check. Or (radical idea!) we talk at the next weekly! :exploding_head: