Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-10-15

TEAM TIGA - Kickoff Team Meeting, 2015-10-15

Participants: Andi, Aske, Bastian, Markus, Sebastian H., Tobias
Missing: nobody

Team name


Renamed slack channel accordingly.

Vote Synchronizer

-> Tobias Gruber

Vote Prioritizer

-> Aske Ertmann

Introduction round

  • Tobias
  • Job: Employee at Sanstorm Media
  • Skills/Interests: “Business guy” ;), Marketing, Communication
  • Hometown: Darmstadt, Germany
  • Sebastian
  • Job: Freelancer
  • Skills/Interests: Neos Backend UX, Infrastructure, Security
  • Home town: Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Markus
  • Job: Employee at Techdivision
  • Skills/Interests: Neos Backend UX
  • Hometown: (to be) Bad Aibling, Germany
  • Bastian
  • Job: Freelancer
  • Skills/Interests: Backend-development, architecture
  • Hometown: Cologne, Germany
  • Aske
  • Job: Freelancing / nomading
  • Skills/Interests: UX, All Time Release Manager
  • Hometown: originally Copenhagen, Denmark - now everywhere & nowhere
  • Andi
  • Job: Employee at netlogix
  • Skills/Interests: Backend-development, security, Infrastructure (Jira)
  • Hometown: Nuremberg, Germany

Team Organisation


Tuesday 11:30 regularly meeting for half an hour


Andi one week holiday
Sebastian two week start of december
Markus moving november/december

Own Jira Team Board

has to BE USED
should show team project
show “kitchen duties” assigend to a team member
To be discussed with other prioritizers: How to document team projects and -progress to the outside? (how to) incorporate the budget to that?

Collect ideas for team projects

  • Security (Bastian, Andi, Sebastian)
  • major missing parts UI integration of ACL
  • “groups” concept
  • make it easier to use for integrators/editors
  • wizards for solving common tasks (ACL builder, …)
  • API (Andi)
  • Make it easier to create (REST) services for Flow/Neos
  • Elastic Search CR Adapter (Markus)
  • fix flaws (indexing reliability, …)
  • Improve UX (Aske, Markus)
  • Tree(s)
  • Backend modules
  • Website
  • Implementation/Integration (Aske)
  • Content (Tobias)
    • News articles
    • Newsletter
  • Teampage neos website (Bastian, Andi)
  • use CROWD with groups for that
  • display members
  • JS Restructuring (Aske)
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I’m curious: what is in the name? :wink:

Sebastian H. came up with it. Tiga represents the number 3 in Indonesian and Malay languages, so it was a good fit for Team #3.
And if pronounced Tigga it suits well with the cartoon/fantasy names of the other teams :smiley:

Regarding the website: A while ago, the team discussed the idea of having a curated collection of quality articles on Neos/Flow. Is it still planned to have something like that? I thought it was an excellent idea to supplement the documentation and make it easier for newcomers to get started.

Hi Bastian,

Please ask everything regarding the website in #cop-website channel. Project is still in it’s initial state, a couple of issues can be found on