Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2016-01-19

TEAM TIGA - Team Meeting, 2016-01-19

Participants: Andi, Bastian, Markus, Sebastian, Tobias
Missing: Aske


  • currently less active due to job change


  • Planning Meet Neos Nürnberg (14th April). Official announcement planned for next week
  • Involve my colleagues (Sascha and Stephan): Discussion and prototype for general REST-Service API -> We’ll have a project here at netlogix, where we need great REST support in Flow and aim for a general implementation/architecture, which can go into Flow/Neos
  • netlogix will implement “parameterized roles” in a project running in February: Project proposal: Introduce parameterized roles


  • Talked to Aske about website relaunch and created “content inventory”
    -> continues with that
  • Sprint before Inspiring Con in Rosenheim in discussion with TechDivision
  • Todo aus Retro: Discuss Post about option for Neos legal entity
  • todo team: fill doodles for Sprint in Dresden and next all-teams Retro


  • Reviewed “automatic redirects” feature migrated by Dominique (NEOS-721)
  • A lot of reading & prototyping to get a better understanding of decoupled services
  • todo: push GH kitchen duty pull requests to other team members
  • -> Evaluate/discuss plans for Flow microsite


  • in Cambodia for next 3 months - full work
  • back in Germany for Inspiring Con