TEAM TIGA - Retrospective #2, 2015-12-16

TEAM TIGA - Retrospective #2, 2015-12-16

Participants: Andi, Aske, Bastian, Markus, Sebastian H., Tobias


  • agenda for weekly -> go over board rather than report on progress
  • progress of team projects

Topic: agenda for our weekly meeting

  • Tobi is relying on the tools less than he should, because being pulled in the weekly is easier
  • Sebastian: the meeting is good for alignment, I know more after the meeting
  • Andi doesn’t think the meeting is a waste of time, there just isn’t a lot of time in general at the moment
  • Basti has some trouble with bigger tickets (1-2 days of effort), because its hard to assign the time in a chunk
  • Basti suggests to post more into slack about the work we did
  • Suggestion: go by the book in the next weekly and talk about the impediments or updates on the board
  • Question: are we working on the right priorities?
  • Aske: not really, not really working together as a team yet
  • Andi: little time throughout the team and team is spread far across tickets
  • Sebastian: ramp up time at the moment of 1 hour to get up to speed after being offline for a few days
  • Tobias: methods for creating alignment within and across teams
  • Markus: with current topics and level of detail in the description not able to pick a ticket from the board
  • Aske: don’t look at the board, check the backlog

###Topic: progress of team projects

  • Tobias: working mode for projects to form small sub-teams of 2-3 people?
  • Andi: that worked well, will try to do that more in the future
  • Basti: worked well, because customers paid for it, harder to put in work if it is totally unfunded, focussed sprints work really well
  • Aske: believes in the small teams model, but when will be able to achieve it given absences etc.?
  • Basti: pull more for help when work is started
  • Tobi: work in small teams to pull each other into Neos work more
  • Andi: some work is difficult to review because it is in a completely different area of Neos
  • Suggestion
  • Andi + Basti: content security project (backend)
  • Sebastian + Markus: content security UI (frontend)
  • Aske + Tobias: website
  • How do we handle kitchen duties in this context?
  • have one person be responsible for kitchen duties each week
  • week 50: inboxes
  • week 51: JIRA - Andi
  • week 52: Github - Aske
  • Release 2.1
  • Aske will ping Karsten if/where they need help