Team Tiga - Team Meeting, 2017-01-31

Team Tiga - Team Meeting, 2017-01-31

Participants: Basti, Leak, Tobi
Missing: Aske (excused), Andi (excused), Johannes (excused), Sebastian (excused)


  • Made me happy:
  • RELEASE, props to the Flownative guys and Johannes
  • Positive feedback from Florian re Badges
  • Got final response from lawyer re CIC
  • Impediments:
  • Collecting reimbursement invoices
  • The “kondensierung” tool is not intuitive
  • Share:
  • Vote for the Neos Con Claim
  • Plans:
  • in vacation in the next two weeks


  • Made me happy:
  • relieved about the release :slight_smile:
  • tested it again and seems to work really smooth
  • Impediments:
  • Share:
  • currently updating own packages to work with new release
  • Plans:
  • go to Amsterdam for the DDD conference :slight_smile:
  • be in Switzerland next week


  • Made me happy:
  • Release
  • the tweet about Bastian’s conference talk is the most popular :wink:
  • Impediments
  • German weather
  • Share:
  • Buzzing about Neos release
  • Plans:

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: PRs (Bastian)

Fill out the Sprint Dresden Doodle
and the [Sprint Hamburg Doodle] (

Flow PRs
Neos PRs

Tiga Team, since a number of team members could not join today’s meeting and it seems next week will be similar, I would like to do the voting for Lea to join our team here in Discuss.

  • Yes, Lea should join our Tiga team
  • No, Lea should not join our Tiga team
  • I abstain
  • I need more discussion

0 voters

The voting will be open until our next regular team meeting (or until every team member cast their vote).



  • Made me happy:
  • Finished the media browser stuff with Aske before the release
  • Neos release, super awesome :slight_smile:
  • It’s getting warmer :sunny:
  • Impediments:
  • Spending lots of time on selling a big Neos project :blush:
  • Share:
  • Not inspired to share
  • Plans:
  • Finishing Surf compatibility changes for Flow 4.0
  • Updating my remaining packages for Neos 3.0
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