Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2018-09-19

Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2018-09-19

Participants: Bastian, Max, Tobias, Jon, Aske
Missing: Markus, Sebastian, David
All members: Aske, Bastian, Jon, Markus, Max, Sebastian, Tobias, David


  • Made me happy:
    • Weather is nice
    • found time to do some UI work again
    • reduced linter noise (1 warning left)
  • Impediments
  • Plans:
    • do more UI work


  • Made me happy:
    • First project where we manage the shopping worlds from Shopware with Neos
    • Sprint preparation
  • Impediments
    • Troubles with our hoster
    • Had some troubles with external JS-Libraries
  • Plans:
    • Start with GoldenGate
    • Gather some information for creating an official release from ddev for Neos



  • Made me happy:
    • attendance with CMS Garden at Drupal Europe last week
    • colleague will join Sprint in Salzburg to work on React UI with TypeScript
  • Impediments
    • bank account topic for CIC
  • Plans:
    • vacation next 2 weeks
    • continue bank account topic for CIC
    • push Meet Neos Salzburg


Note: Sebastian declared himself as inactive for 4 weeks and will be active again at 22.09.2018

@all: Release Manager for the 4.2 / 5.2 Release: Jon Uhlmann

@all: how can we help the Release Manager?

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: Inbox (Tobias)