Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2020-04-29

Participants: Sebastian, Jon, Bastian (in-sync), Markus, Tobias
Missing: David
All members: Bastian, Jon, Sebastian, Tobias, David, Markus


  • Made me happy:
    • My boy is super healthy
    • Was finally able to compile the new Media UI backend module also as secondary inspector
    • The stuff I got into 5.2 dev branch work as expected
    • Working on UX for Redirect UI
  • Impediments
    • Bit tired and forgetful
    • Not a UX expert :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Plans
    • Prepare Neos Online Meetup II


  • Made me happy:
  • Impediments
    • TooManyMeetingsException
  • Plans
    • less meetings more results :slight_smile:


  • Made me happy:
    • Happy to have a relative healthy and normal live
    • Happy to be able to work from home
    • Happy to be able to sleep in my bed when bringing the guest dog bag tomorrow :slight_smile:
    • Happy that we have the new wallpaper and that Alex is pushing the release so good :slight_smile:
  • Impediments
    • Tired and bit back pain
    • Still did not manage to work as much as normal
    • Did not make that much for the neos release
  • Plans
    • Hopefully find back to a regular working schedule
    • Work on some neos-ui issues


  • Made me happy:
    • My new Mac is on the way
  • Impediments
    • A lot of work
    • Bad nights at the moment
  • Plans
    • Sleep & Work


  • Made me happy:
    • finally got the association founding process going
  • Impediments
  • Plans
    • search for Neos bills missing for accounting

@all: New Events we plan to attend and spread the word about Neos?

  • None, absolutely none :frowning:

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: INBOCKS (Tobi)