Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2022-05-25

Participants: Sebastian, Bastian, Marc Henry

Missing: Marika, Jon,Tobias, Markus, Søren, David

All members: Marika, Bastian, Jon, Sebastian, Tobias, Markus, Søren, David, Marc Henry

Seb H.:

  • Made me happy:

  • Started to build some custom stuff for the garden

  • Our son slept 3 days without needing us at night

  • A Neos workshop for a customer turned into a “what do we actually want to achieve with our website” workshop :smiley:

  • Impediments

  • Family & me bit sick

  • Rain water collector doesn’t work as it should

  • JS build systems keep frustrating me

  • Plans

  • Work on new features for my workspace module

  • Maybe publish my image checker plugin

  • Work a bit on my tutorial video concept

  • Relax a bit and get well

  • Plan Marketing sprint


  • Made me happy:

  • Working on a NodeData → events.jsonl → ESCR Importer is fun but…

  • Impediments

  • …hurts my brain

  • I ordered a couch… it’s too big for our stairwell… I ordered a winch… I’m scared

  • Plans

  • Finalize v1 of NodeData Migrator

  • Holidays

Marc Henry:

  • Made me happy:

  • Working with Svelte

  • Finally understood Entity Privileges ^^ (and build custom one)

  • Idea to reuse policy targets in Frontend with ${Security.hasAccess(‘target’)}

  • Impediments

  • Flow Functional Test fail sometimes when using browser and security

  • Headaches about json exception view. Now using ActionController::processRequest to convert exceptions and use custom error view.

  • Plans

  • Investigate

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: INBOX (The team)