Team Unicorn | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-11-27

Attendees: Christian, Alexander, Christopher, Berit

Kitchen Duties

We talked about the way we want to handle kitchen duties. Due to the fact that the field of responsibility changes on Monday and our meeting is on Friday we will write on Slack if someone starts working on the kitchen duties to prevent double work.
In general we will talk about the upcoming kitchen duties of the next week in our Friday meetings.
Next week we will be responsible for the Inbox. Berit will take care about that.

We took some pull requests as example and decided how to answer those and decided how to proceed for the rest of the week.

  • After the pull request was created an RFC was added and the PR depends on the decision: Add the label “Discussion” and ask people being active in the RFC thread to come to a conclusion.
  • This week we will try to at least answer every PR which wasn’t updated since > 7 days.

Currently working on

Everyone will go on with the tasks they are already working on.
Christopher will start working on