Team Unicorn |Protocol: Meeting | 2015-12-04

Participants: Alexander, Berit, Christopher, Christian, Sebastian

Status Updates

  • Christian
    • was on holidays the last weeks; tried to keep my changes up2date
    • Meet Neos on monday – really good; good discussions and good feedback
    • reviews, merges, upmerging, …
    • PHP7 support!
  • Christopher
    • next week: work on Product Strategy
  • Sebastian
    • Organisation of InspiringCon talks (and pushing people to write abstract)
    • -> Reviews
  • Alex
    • did reviews, getting old commits from Gerrit transferred
    • 3 commits ready for review!
    • continue with this
  • Berit
    • finalized graphics for Team Overview for Website (Tobias needs to add them)
    • Website:
      • finalized tickets for website; talked this through with Aske
      • Bootstrap4 now used
      • page layout is next step
      • server is missing (TODO Robert)
      • -> then content can be created!
    • work on reference nodetype refactoring maybe for website; waiting until the first content is created


  • Next Friday, 11. December, 12:00
  • TODO Christian: check that Gina can join

Neos 2.1 Release

  • Minions Team is doing this
  • Deadline: 15. December
    • TODO Sebastian: check Package Manager refactoring
    • TODO: Ping Dominique if he has open changes to merge! – Thumbnail Generation change; …
    • TODO Christopher: TypoScript Cache Token change

Kitchen Duty next week: Jira

InspiringCon Talks: