Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-09-08

Participants: Sebastian, Dominique, Christian, Gerhard, Berit, Christopher
Missing: Alexander


  • Back again
  • Got into the React rewrite
  • Working on the Dimension Switcher and made already some progress


  • Also back again
  • Started with tasks for the website
  • Searched for elements for the showcases listing, but styleguide not up-to-date
  • Started to implement the new showcase listing with more information for each entry
  • Plan to push the change this evening
  • After that continue work on the website / get into the introduction package project


  • Worked on Monocle styleguide tool
  • Updated the PR for the create site command
  • Experimented with preview links for workspaces, goal is to see a change someone is currently working on
  • Next: Backend also needs a way to create a site from an existing package
  • Next: Think about in breaking changes for Neos 3.0 (think about extension points now)
  • Discuss PR for more predictable “unknown host” behaviour


  • Working on CKEditor integration for React rewrite, looks already good, ready to push


  • Working on CQRS
  • [PR link]
  • Finish the JIRA to Github move, finalize issue template


  • Working on Behat tests for Neos Redirects, not ready for PR yet
  • After that: fix bugs with the Redirects
  • Will have more time for reviews, gets more time from company for Neos in flexible work slots :smile:
  • Next: Has feedback list from editors with minor bugs to fix in the backend


  • Was at the code sprint
  • Worked on standalone Fluid, work on our adapter, Demo site can be rendered, little details need to be fixed
  • Work on new Jenkins and smaller tasks
  • Continue with Fluid
  • Started with removal deprecated stuff step by step


Inactivity needs to discussed in another smaller meeting.

Sorry I couldn’t make it, had some Bug to track and then everyone was itching to go to lunch


  • attended code sprint and dev camp and finally saw most of the community in person :slight_smile:
  • feeling that things move forward currently on the general activity in the project