Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-09-15


  • mainly worked on React UI rewrite, want to continue there
  • -> need a new task there, will talk to Sebastian
  • worked through older GitHub issues/PRs to get them merge ready
  • worked on Contribution guidelines for GitHub migration -> continue there


  • finally found time to work on Elasticsearch support (2.4 upgrade) – works nicely!
    • !! please test it if you have an Elasticsearch version running in Neos
  • CQRS Meeting with Robert, Bastian last Friday
  • need a review to make the “create node” dialog keyboard-accessible


  • helping out on evrey day
  • learned lots of React; re-using Neos React components there (feels good!)
    • -> continue with that
  • -> work on “create multiple sites from a single package” in BE


  • 90% worked on React rewrite; finsihed the CKEditor intreations; some bugs still left; Reference editor in inspector
  • -> react - will discuss TODOs with Christopher
  • quite happy that we were able to sort out active/inactive.


  • mainly worked on CQRS stuff, lots of interesting/good discussions
  • started to build a ToDo-Example-app with CQRS to get a feeling how it actually works in practice
  • -> reviews and merges, still a few open PRs


Berit and Christian couldn’t attend in person, they’ll add their notes here :slight_smile:

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  • Merged and upmerged most Flow namespace use PRs
  • Worked further on Fluid integration (found some bugs and different behavior)
  • Will go on with Fluid integration
  • Looking forward to holidays after super stressful time.
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  • Finalized the show cases but there seems to be a bug with the listing, for debugging currently waiting for SSH access to the website server
  • Debugged a problem with testimonial images not shown on iPhones, found a fix and informed the web guild about not using special chars in image file names
  • Will add the missing imprint link to the Website, had to wait for feedback due to unclear footer behaviour
  • Will try to find the show case listing bug