Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-09-23


  • together with Alexander, I tried to find out why Resource Paths were wrong on Flow 3.3 instances. Pull Request: (TrustedProxies)
  • fixed, should be in the next bugfix release
  • did some reviews, mostly on Neos and new Media Management (by Aske)
  • worked on tests for Redirect handling; already found bug causing wrong redirects.
    • will fix this one very soon!



  • frustrated:

    • not really done much on the React Rewrite last week
  • happy:

    • some improvements on React Rewrite by other team members, did some code reviews
    • Jens shared a Neos UI review with me - I think this is a really great feedback-collection - and there are lots of low-hanging fruits in the UI which we can/should fix I think:
  • !Info!: Offline, because on Holidays from 3.10.-14.10.


  • happy: Currently building a “Klettergerüst”; wrote an RFC for Node Serialization
  • next steps: React - Server/Client Communication + improvements on Actions in React themselves


  • did some work on website; waiting for SSH access to the website, need @robert there. Then we can bring the showcases online!
  • next week, get showcases further & read through Neos UI list from Jens
  • continue with Website topics


Not attending: Dominique, Christian (on holidays)

Did a lot of reviews and merges for namespace changes.
Further worked on standalone fluid integration and fixed bugs in standalone fluid.