Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-10-05



  • Managed to do visual regression testing for Fusion Prototyes (Monocle + BackstopJS)

  • Discussion regarding fusion-forms with wilhelm who already creates a prototype


  • Atomic.Fusion still convinces me more and more … hope to talk about that with you at the hh sprint


  • Travis is red on 2.3 and master and so all prs based on those branches aswell

  • The create empty site PRs’s still need feedback


  • More Atomic.Fusion + Atimic.Fusion.Forms … some PRs alongside where current Fusion has problems



  • Behat tests for redirects ready for review since last week:
  • Really small Pr
  • Did some small reviews and further discussed the UI feedback with Jens


  • Lot’s of work, but at least find the time for smaller tasks in the evening


  • We can release again :slight_smile:
  • Meet Neos next week in Salzburg :unicorn:


  • Some smaller bugfixes and PRs and do some reviews.



  • Last week was like hell, no way to organize stuff, “firefighter” style at home and work :frowning:
  • Lost a bit track on the next major, but I think that will stay like this for the next month


  • The CQRS Guilde is active, lots of discussion, more and more pattern are discussed and some of them implemented
  • For now we will merge all CQRS packages to a single one until the heavy refactoring are done
  • Next step will be to have work projection “replay” feature
  • Internal talk at L\P office in Lausanne last week
  • Public talk yesterday during a WebTuesday
  • The release of ElasticSearch.ContentRepositoryAdapter 3.0 (support ES 2.0) is planned for next week, see Flowpack.ElasticSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor 3.0
  • Next week MeetNeos Salzburg … and an other chance to have nice discussion with @gerhard_boden @christianm in real life … unicorns in Austria :wink:
  • Some really nice discussion with @wrybit, unfortunatly in a private chat about how to improve the insert node panel


  • As soon as the ES package is release, help @gerhard_boden to have the PR for the Redirect package merged
  • More CQRS stuff next week, 14h in train fit perfectly

I’m in contact with Bastian regarding the import of old show cases to the new website and the problem I face with the not working list seems to exist due to problems with the context variable site… I will have a look at that.


  • Holidays :slight_smile:
  • Ill :sleepy: (But already better)
  • Customer work


  • some progress in various areas
  • Getting more and more issues with standalone fluid fixed


  • Get Fluid standalone done
  • Polish existing PRs