Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-10-19


  • Further worked on Fluid Standalone Implementation; pretty much ready now!
    • website works
    • viewhelpertest works (99,9%)
    • tests work
    • Next Steps: Intro how to install / test it, so then we can test it.
  • started various discussions (technical topics etc)
  • was at Meet Neos in Salzburg, interesting showcases and nice people


  • mainly read up about UI rewrite stuff, checked up Lerna, Yarn
  • Tested Redirect functionality by Gerhard; no incorrect redirects anymore!
    • still not 100% correct, we’ll further discuss this.
  • get into UI rewrite, work on serialization of nodes


  • had first Meet Neos in Salzburg (was great event!)
  • about 30 people were coming
  • continue working on details of redirect handling
  • talk to event department about writing a blog post for Meet Neos Salzburg


  • quite busy in the last weeks with talks
  • continuing on CQRS discussion and CQRS packages -> continuing here.
  • in contact with Mathias Varias about a CR Refactoring Workshop -> we’ll plan a first hangout now!
  • Finalized Elasticsearch 2.x support! :slight_smile: Will Release this week!
  • -> release new version for redirect handling!
  • start testing Fluid standalone


  • Showcases are working now on live system
  • Finalized manual adding of all showcase screenshots
  • Still the limit of the showcase list is wrong, Bastian will search for the bug, if it isn’t fixed until thursday evening Berit will have a look at it
  • Still not ready with going through the list of Invision UI comments


  • Want to help with the conference website
    • Will start with the content modeling
    • Wants to help with integration and template/styling
  • Still wants to start adding ticket based on the Invision UI optimizations


  • back from holidays (really nice and relaxing)
  • participated in tech discussions, help Bastian Waidelich in CQRS topics / decisions
  • get back with stability bugfixes on the the UI rewrite!


  • did fixes in various areas
    • stumbled about inconsistencies in Views.yaml (see Discuss)
    • Review module does not show changes on ContentCollection
  • started wrapping out Monocle for a release
  • move forward PRs (default site PR; fusion prototype generation)
  • improve regression testing