Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-10-26



  • Showcases are online now (all!) YEAH :slight_smile:
    • next step: Filters for showcases
  • started Conference website content model (in google drive, see “Neos Conference Website Content Model”)
    • need feedback on this (maybe from @tobias or so)
    • continue pushing Conference Website


  • Done:

    • few neos stuff
    • some fights with deployer and ssh
    • working on native ssh and a default neos recipe for deployer
  • Impedients: Same PRs are waiting for feedback as last week … can we dedicate a day of the Hamburg sprint to reviews?

  • Plans:

    • on Vacation from Thursday to Sunday
    • another PR to fix Views.yaml


  • status React UI:
    • Wilhelm has completed the “last” big refactoring before the alpha (introducing lerna.js)
    • already worked on some pull requests for React UI
    • will continue on that!
  • currently testing out Fuid Standalone packages

Dominique (via chat)

  • voice === 0 … so I will do my weekly report directly (silently) on discourse …
  • currently try to upmerge 2.0 to master for the ElasticSearch adapter :wink:
  • This afternoon focus on reviewing the bg change by bastien for the CQRS infrastructure package,
  • and well … let see how my brain feel tomorrow …


  • worked on Fluid standalone!
  • (will write up release notes for Fluid PR)
  • still 3 bug reports in standalone Fluid (nitpicks!)
  • Please test standalone fluid!
  • heard into CQRS topics

Not there:

  • Christopher (in a meeting)
  • Alexander