Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-11-02



  • no progress since last week
  • I’ll start implementing Node Types for the Conference Website (into the Neos website)
  • will definitely be at Hamburg camp; maybe also join the sprint for an evening etc!


  • will check new changes from Gerhard (Redirects!)
  • tackle Redirect Dimension support
  • will have some more time in two weeks from now.
  • have some ideas to improve the Dimensions user experience when using fallbacks:
    • if an action creates a new node variant, that’s too transparent.
    • moving across dimension through UI?


  • tried to push the UI rewrite forward (fixing bugs along)
  • currently pushing it alone (but help will come in the upcoming weeks)
  • might happen that we will get a project (research oriented); actually work on React UI on project time (Annotated references!)

Not attending: Alex, Dominique, Christian, Martin

Confused weekdays due to holiday.

  • Further worked on Fluid integration
  • Did some reviews
  • posted stuff in discuss
  • joined CQRS daily

Short Vacations + Intense Project Sprint afterwards

  • Had no time for Neos at all … but now the crucial step is done and i hope to have more time
  • NeosMeetup HH was nice … small group but good discussions and detailed interest for neos
  • Next:
    • Will continue with Deployer for Neos PRs
    • Look at my PRs again and rebase/polish
    • Create PR for views.yaml