Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-11-16

Dominique, Martin, Christian, Gerhard, Christopher, Berit

Happy: Good progress in the CQRS stuff, and un bunch of review / ping for review for Flow / Neos
Happy: Fluid is mostly merge ready, let’s merge it today

Blocker: More review for the caching framework split
Unhappy: Girls are sick … so os
Unhappy: I have the feeling the our time to merge a PR, increase, more and more

Suggestion: Pair programming to get stuff merged (1 or 2 hours per week), more team interaction, working together
Suggestion: Stop nitpicking, if you have commit right, just commit, if not merge and fix on follow up

Happy: Progress on some PRs, Got flow-recipe into deployer, PRs for Default site node name and empty create-empty-site cli were merged.

Unhappy: Way too much work

Done: Some discuss support, New PRs for Fusion-RawCollection, Fusion-Renderer, Updated bunch of PRs to good shape

Plans: Update PRs and get them merged, Prepare BarCamp, release Monocle to packagist

Happy: Some reviews done, PRs get opened, upcoming sprint

Unhappy: Big changes not moving :frowning:

Done: some reviews and small bugfixes

Happy: Looking forward to the sprint next week

Unhappy: Not much time for core activity

Done: Set up a small PR that extends the Currency ViewHelper:

Did some reviews (also approved the Fluid Changes)

Happy: Finally found out how to work with Github, and pushed the quite old imprint link change

Done: Imprint link, just has to be merged

Works on the event website/package and hopes to get some first version ready this week, at least to pimp the landingpage with individual footer, logo etc.

Kitchen Duty: PRs, next week Inbox


  • happy:
    • finished bigger Pull Request (“Add Node Dialog”) ready for discussion in the React-Rewrite. Thus, all my personal open TODOs before the Neos sprint concerning the react rewrite are done :slight_smile:
    • using the Neos.CQRS Package; created my first WIP Pull Request there
  • frustrated:
    • as always somewhat too little time for the project, although I manage better and better to plan in some time every week/day :slight_smile:
  • next steps: Sprint :slight_smile: