Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2017-01-19

Attendees: Dominique, Gerhard, Sebastian, Alexander


  • tested future release
  • discovered blocker bug in Fluid; we’re working on a fix
  • -> this week, continue manual testing!
  • tomorrow, start big project based on Neos 3.0
  • -> update open PRs to get them moving forward
  • had a meeting regarding Elasticsearch adapter (how to support versioning system). We want to have an adapter for 2.3 LTS and 3.0; where all Elasticsearch versions should be supported!
  • -> I’ll start working on this next week!


  • @dominique: really nice :haircut:
  • Happy: Still seeing a lot of activity on GitHub (new PRs & Reviews).
  • Unhappy: nothing really
  • Done: Reviewed some stuff (mostly release related).
  • Since the last meeting I renamed the standard authentication backend provider and provided migrations.
  • I have around 12 open PRs right now, about 50% of them are release related, but rather small stuff).


  • nothing new, stressful days between the years.
  • now, getting a little less stressful. Hopefully in one or two weeks I can get back to Neos!


  • (did not do much since last week)
  • currently writing documentation for Sandstorm.CrudForms (which is a CRUD system for entities)
  • will work on Neos again starting next week