Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2017-03-01

Unicorn Team Meeting
March 2nd 2017

Gerhard, Martin


  • Happy:
    • Working on a Neos 3.0 project with Atomic.Fusion and it feels great
  • Done:
    • Worked on afx together with Wilhelm (he wrote a JSX parser in php)
    • Documentation and Schema PRs
    • Started preparing the NeosCon talk with Wilhelm
    • Discussions about Atomic.Fusion with Dmitri and Wilhelm
  • Next (NeosCon preparation / Vacation from 13.-17.3.)


  • Happy: Doing a lot with Neos currently.
  • Unhappy: Want to get into new UI stuff but need some pointers to get started
  • Done: Some bugfixing here and there
  • Next: Get into UI stuff, bugfix, close issues