Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2017-11-09

Sebastian, Christian, Martin, Gerhard

Happy: Got back into Neos working habit, Sprint coming up YAY
Unhappy: nothing really, could use a bit more time to spent on Neos
Next: some more React UI, refresh some old PRs for upcoming release, integrate PSR-7 more
Done: whole bunch of UI stuff

Happy: Got back to Neos React UI work after holidays :slight_smile: Happy to be back in weeklys
Unhappy: last week was stressful at work, still recovering (but works well)
Done: some UI stuff & Testing & React Extensibility; Neos Con Talks finally ready
Next: React UI

Done:Went to Neos Meetup in Vienna a couple of weeks ago
Next: Will help Karsten with the bugfix release today
Happy: Will join the sprint next week by wednesday (already looking forward to it) :slight_smile:

Happy: Volunteered to 3.3 release management together with @wbehncke
Quite likely Atomic.Fusion and AFX will become official
Monocle 4 ahead
Vienna Sprint ahead
In the same team with wilhelm again
Done: Worked on Monocle 4: propSets, fusion-rendering, ironing out glitches
Started RFC about Atomic in the core RFC: Include Atomic.Fusion and AFX into the Neos Core
Next: Vienna Sprint, Atomic.Fusion, After Sprint prepare Schedule for the 3.3 Release

Async addition by me:

Happy: Some good personal life changes happening, Looking forward to the LTS release
Unhappy: Had some very emotionally stressfull days last week
Done: Started poll for new release schedule (RFC: An adjusted release schedule [accepted]) that I’ll close soon. Looks like we will have something apart from code to talk about for the LTS!
Also did some reviews and looked out for candidate features for Flow LTS (favorite atm, also thinking about reviving
Next: push development for above features, look into type-hint stuff again