Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-05-20

Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-05-20
Participants : Gerhard, Alexander, Roland, Martin, Christian (aync)


  • Happy: Had a great time at the conference
  • Done: Played around with CDN solution in Neos (
  • Plans: Go on vacation next week (edited)


  • Happy: Still happy about the mostly happy 7.1 release, NeosCon was awesome and found a bit of time to create a release of my little pet project (node-event-storage)
  • Sad: Still a few things hanging around, PHP 8 for Neos/additional PHP8 features, Policy/Route Annotations, … that didn’t make it into 7.1
  • Done: but nothing else - payed work has a hold on me the last week
  • Plans: Vacation next week without a computer, so time off of programming


  • Happy: Neos.Fusion:Match is nice, conf was cool
  • Sad: Too much bug fixing lately
  • Done: CodeQ.Link, a few doc updates
  • Plans: Open sourcing additional packages


  • Happy: Got first shot of vaccine. Still happy how Fusion Form and the Talk endet up.
  • Plans: Check out Fusion Behat tests, Keep eye on english wikipedia article

Christian (async): happy the con worked out well and that I am actually working on a nice neos topic (timezones in inspector)