Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-06-17

Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-06-17
Participants : Gerhard, Stefan, Roland, Martin

!!! The Unicorn weekly was resceduled to tuesday 11am !!!


Happy: Finally sunny weather (air condition)
Sad: nothing really
Done: Found a weird composer bug connected to the composer version (ocramius/proxy-manager)


Happy: Some Progress with update
Sad: Urgent customer project
Done: —
Plans: Marketing Sprint in September


Happy: -
Sad: -
Done: Too much work, so no time for open source
Plans: A bit of holidays next week to get some inspirations


Happy: Experimented with Monocle for Flow.
Sad: Wilhelm left Sitegeist yesterday :disappointed: He will keep Neosing at his new employer.
Done: Monocle and Kaleidoscope Releases
Plans: More Monocle Features if i find the time.