Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-07-06

Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-07-06
Participants : Gerhard, Christian, Roland, Martin, Alexander, Stefan (async)

Happy: Not really sure
Sad: Not catching up to open ToDos for some time now :expressionless:
Done: Few reviews and merges, resolved psalm errors in Flow, trying to fix the guzzle 2.0 issue
Plans: Tag bugfix release once TASK: Adjust minimal guzzle/psr7 version by albe · Pull Request #2501 · neos/flow-development-collection · GitHub and TASK: Replace deprecated guzzle functions with static methods by albe · Pull Request #3368 · neos/neos-development-collection · GitHub are in

Happy: Will visit my colleagues in Salzburg (it’s been a while)
Sad: -
Done: Came across the “out of band” rendering topic (PHP / Fusion) with a collegue and found possible stumbling blocks
Plans: Get more into reviewing PRs again

Happy: in a good Neos mood atm
Sad: Still timing issues all around
Done: some debugging and support here
Plans: Check cache stuff (symfony?)

Happy: Monocle Renderer
Sad: Annoying image compression :see_no_evil:
Done: -
Plans: Plans to plan holidays^^

Happy: Fully vaccinated and in the office for the first time in months.
Sad: …
Done: Monocle for non site packages, still with Neos dependency. Started playing with layout grid visualization for monocle. Discussed ideas for theming with @wbehncke and @nezaniel
Plans: Continue with that, Vacation ahead (in 2 weeks)

Stefan (async)
Happy: Got support from Simon who really loves to contribute
Sad: Too much workload in July
Done: …
Plans: Clean up Showcases & Case Studies