Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-08-10

Participants : Gerhard, Christian, Ferdinand, Martin, Sebastian (async)

Happy: Still excited and finding into the new role
Sad: For beeing to late last week
Done: -

  • investigation on breaking build-time by using (before|after)ControllerInvocation, creating new Slots in master
  • maybe helping the release, where possible

Happy: Had a relaxing holiday week
Sad: Some colleagues are on holiday → more project hopping
Done: –
Plans: –

Happy: more Neos-ing
Sad: -
Done: some reviewing
Plans: release

Happy: Experimenting with Fusion is fun …
Done: Started experimenting with fusion augmenter optimization and html autoescaping. May speed up or slow down Neos a lot. Currently parts of Neos on the floor and everything is broken Will need at least php8 (union types and Stringable) .
Plans: Break more stuff and maybe put it together again. (edited)

Preparing some open source packages (GitHub - Flowpack/Flowpack.Prunner: An embeddable, API based pipeline runner. (Flow Package) and GitHub - Flowpack/Flowpack.DecoupledContentStore: This is the 2nd generation of a Two-Stack CMS packag) and am working on the event sourced CR