Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-08-31

Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-08-31
Participants: Martin, Gerhard, Ferdiand, Alexander, Stefan (async)
Members: Christian, Sebastian, Alexander, Martin, Gerhard, Lisa, Roland, Stefan, Ferdinand

Happy: Lots of reviews and merges happening still!
Sad: Vacation opportunities have evaporated
Done: A couple reviews and PR adjustments - e.g. dynamic type mapping has landed in 7.2, proxy class docblocks no longer will be altered
Plans: Still to do work a bit on the auto-upmerge on branching thing

Happy: Found my next neos core topic and started working on NodeType Kickstarters … still experimental.
Sad: -
Done: RFC for newcomer friendlyness RFC: 4 steps to a more newcomer friendly Neos, Started work on NodeType Kickstarters.
Plans: Focus in NodeType Kickstarters

Happy: Had a great vacation
Sad: Go-Live on first day back :disappointed:
Done: Relaxing
Plans: Get overview what happened in the noes project while I was gone

Stefan (async)
Happy: Tomorrow first guild-marketing meeting after holidays
Sad: —
Done: nothing yet
Plans: bugfixes and new features for

Happy: —
Sad: —
Done: Some reviews, before / after ControllerInvocation Signals now working again in 6.3 :slightly_smiling_face:
Plans: New Signals for Flow 7.x (mayyyybe even Flow 7.2, if I finish fast enough)