Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-09-14

Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-09-14
Participants: Alexander, Gerhard, Martin, Ferdinand, Stefan (async), Christian(async)
Members: Christian, Sebastian, Alexander, Martin, Gerhard, Lisa, Roland, Stefan, Ferdinand

We had an interesting discussion about possible solutions for recently discovered race conditions in the session handling and identified some possible short and long term solutions.


Happy: School started again
Sad: School started again, Headache today
Done: looked over one or two PRs
Plans: Again the auto-upmerge for branching, though it’s only a topic for 7.3 by now


Happy: Good progress with NodeType Kickstarters
Sad: ~

Plans: Keep working on the Site,Kickstarter Prototype, plan to have a fixed Neos day every friday the next weeks.


Happy: Felt a bit down, but getting better
Sad: Moved in over a year ago, but still much bureaucracy left to do that the building contractor did not care about
Done: Checked projects for the session race condition Ferdinand briefed me about, but couln’t reproduce the issue
Plans: Søren send me some credentials to his project so I can check it out for myself


Happy: -
Sad: Did not manage to get anything done
Done: -
Plans: Investigation on authentication in functional tests in 7.x and still the nasty session thing

Christian (async)

Happy: Great neos (test) debugging session with karsten yesterday
Sad: Still limited time
Done: Found some interesting things with karsten yesterday (and fixes)
Plans: tackle somehting again

Stefan (async)

Happy: Marketing sprint was successful and TOOK PLACE
Sad: Could not join our weekly
Done: Lots of improvements to
Plans: More regular marketing work again