Team Unicorn | Team Meeting | 2021-11-23

Participants: Martin, Stefan, Gerhard


Happy: AFX short @if and @process by @Marc Henry Schultz is merged and cli-setup aswell.
Sad: ~
Done: Reviews and cli setup

  • Add post-create-project commands to neos/neos-*_distribution

  • Configure subsplits for cli-setup

  • After that:

  • Continue to work on the content dimension commands (add and remove values)

  • Continue to work on nodetype cli kickstarter


Happy: Finally joining weekly again
Sad: Too many client meetings till end of the year
Done: —
Plans: not yet sure what i’ll be able to achieve this year


Happy: Nice to see activity (especially CLI Setup) 7.3 feature freeze
Done: Kept an eye on some Github discussions
Sad: Statewide health situation rather critical
Plans: Do some 7.3 testing