Team Unicorns | Protocol: Retrospective #1 | 2015-12-11

Participants: Alexander, Berit, Sebastian, Christian

Organizational things and meetings

In general we have the feeling that we spend too much time in meetings. We are over-organizing ourselves. We have the impression that we can use the time of the meetings a lot better and more effective and due to that want to change it a bit. We would like to have biweekly team meetings and biweekly collaboration meetings. Next friday we will start with our first collaboration meeting instead of the regular team meeting. On thursday we will plan what we want to do on friday and who is working together on a certain task. This can for example mean that two team members are working on the Jira tickets and two other team members might work together on a certain feature/bugfix.

General feeling

We also talked about the general feeling. Everyone is still motivated but we see the problem of too small teams and bigger features not being done as well as different opinions regarding the vision. In general we should try to use our resources a bit better. Both will be topics for the general retrospective.

Team structure

We like the team structure as it is and see reasons and benefits for mixing people together with different capabilities. As we currently don’t work on prioritized bigger tasks the benefits a mixed team might have couldn’t be used. We hope that this will change as far as we can start something big together as team. Until then we would also like to work across teams to have the chance to work together on tasks with people with the same capabilities. As long as we work on small features/bugfixes we want to give all team members access to our forks to make collaboration possible.

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