Team Unicorns - Team Meeting 2016-07-25

Attendees Martin, Christian, Alexander

General discussion about Node linking, routing and refactoring.


Happy: My colleague wilhelm is at work again and i will have more time and less context changes in the next weeks. Plus i have a partner for instant neos talk.
Done: nothing in the last weeks due to time constraints
UpTo: Finally i have time to get some work done. Will take a look at crossdomain linking first because i had fun regarding topic in quite a few projects.


Happy: Got quite some Neos work done, despite being pretty busy workwise.
Done: Quite some changes. Fluid integration works \o/ Busy preparing LTS
Todos: All things LTS


Happy: Work is getting more motivating currently and less frustrating, so maybe also empowers Neos Flow work; Looking forward to LTS
Done: Nothing last week
Todos: “Trusted Proxies” as HTTP Component - having two small design issues that need discussion first; i18n scanning whitelist; Doctrine ORM 2.5 (hopefully)

Kitchen Duty: JIRA