Text slider in Carousel

I am trying to enhance the Carousel from Neos.Demo with a text slider on top, but can’t get it to work.

In CarouselItem.html i have this snippet:

<div class="carousel-caption">
	<f:if condition="{image}">
		        <div class="full-width">
                    <p class="subtitle animated bounceInRight">{neos:contentElement.editable(property: 'text1')}</p>

(text1 is an extra field in the inspector to add some text)

Unfortunately the text is not wrapped in the

tags with the class, so the the slider effect does not take effect. It is wrapped in a seperate


I can’t really work out the Carousel.fusion code to wrap the text in the ‘p’ tags.

Anyone with a solution?



Hi @kimholberg

Is the property marked as inline editable in the NodeTypes ?

    inlineEditable: TRUE

Hi Soren,

yes, inlineEditable: TRUE is set correctly. I think it is probably my Carousel.fusion that needs to be changed so it will be wrapped in the p tag, and not in a separate div tag.