The Code Q Neos-Skeleton implemented as Kickstarter extension?


thank you for the great Neos Skeleton documented here:

I’m quite new to Neos and I just wondered if it would be a good idea to implement the idea of this “Neos-Skeleton” as some Kickstarter extension. Because as I understand this Kickstarter idea, it serves you to quickly scaffold a new package or site. So this Neos-Skeleton actually would just be like a “site template” for kickstarting a new site.

What do you think? Does this could make sense?

Also we could then get rid of all these “Getting Started” steps where we need to replace the “codeq” specific text snippets for the package and site name.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/answers.

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Hello Oliver,

the Neos-Skeleton is both a base distribution AND a site package in a mono repository, so a bit different from the kickstarter.

I totally agree, a scaffolding tool for the Neos-Skeleton would be of great help. @mficzel hat started such a project, called Spash. But I think he didn’t finished it so far.

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Guess you meant Splash :wink:

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Splash was split into the Package for altering the names Neos Packages and a pr for a post project create composer command.

Thanks @mficzel, @rolandschuetz and @markusguenther for your hints.
I will checkout the Sitegeist.Chantalle package :+1: