Transition Brand Guide

Hi there,

@fheinze created a transition brand guide for Neos which we can use while the full brand development process is still ongoing. See this thread for details: Starting the branding process and the News Post on

The Transition Guide is kept to a minimum to give guidelines how the Neos brand should be used - without influencing the ongoing brand process too much.

Therefore the Transition Brand Guide “only” specifies

  • an interim Logo: “Neos”
  • font
  • colors
  • don’ts - which colors, fonts, shapes definitely not to use

We will update the website and our other systems as well as our social channels shortly to reflect the transition branding.

The Transition Brand Guide can be found on Github:



Maybe the guide should be applied to this site too :wink:

More important is to apply the guide to There is still “Share Font” (a don’t) in use. :slight_smile: