Transition Team |Protocol: Meeting | 2016-01-04

Previous meeting notes: Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-12-07

Outcomes from all-teams retrospective

  • Minion team didn’t have a team retrospective yet, the same team also has a problem with an ineffective synchronizer
  • TODO: Christian and Tobi, have a synchronizer Meeting and discuss situation
  • Next all-teams retro on 13th Jan

Assumption: still a lot happening which is not on the board, creates feeling that less is done than actually is

Info from the prioritizers

  • little questions to prioritizers about what work needs to be done
  • time is always an issue and teams are at their bare minimum
  • what are the rules to invite new team members? -> do an experiment
  • Rules for experiments: define upfront how the experiment should look (when is it finished etc.)
  • TODO Gina: send infos for experiment guidelines to transition team
  • Role of the Synchronizer in finding new team members:
  • as fallback and responsibility that it happens
  • the whole team can invite new members, synchronizer should know about it
  • TODO: Joint short meeting between Prioritizers and Synchronizers to talk about potential team members.