Translate only some properties of a node


I was wondering if it is possible to only translate some properties of a node.

I have a NewsArticle node, which contains:

  • title (string)
  • title (string)
  • publishedDate (DateTime)
  • author (reference to a Author node)

Now someone creates a new NewsArticle in the primary language and sets all properties.
Then someone translates the NewsArticle into another language. All properties have been copied and the translator translates the properties (title, text).

Later someone changes the author and the publishedDate of the NewsArticle (primary language).
The changes are now not reflected in the translation of the NewsArticle. So these changes have to be made for every translation of the NewsArticle.

Is there a way to only translate title und text?

I was thinking to use the nodePropertyChanged signal to synchronize the properties, that should not be translated. But maybe there is a cleaner way?


Hi Leif,

that’s what the package ttree/dimensionkeeper - ttree - ☰ Extension packages & plugins - Download - does :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you. That is exactly was I was looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

btw: With Neos 9 this will become a core feature (see Property Scopes to keep properties in sync across dimensions [v9]  - Content Repository - Manual - Guide - Neos Docs)