Translation Overridden

Hello All,

I am facing issue, the language has been selected german ‘de’ but in content section it is being overridden with english translation files

However, it comes correct in content tree section, Please see the below screen shot

Below NodeType Screen shot.

Hello @pawankct91,

great that you use neos.
When I see your screenshot I see that everything is in english. So I am a bit confused.
Would be nice if you can give us a bit more information :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick response.

Well, I defined new NodeType called TestModul where i want it to support multi languages
Below is the snippet of NodeType

‘Neos.Neos:Content’: true
label: ‘i18n’
icon: car
label: ‘i18n’

Created both de and en translation files

de file code

en file code

But When I change the language from below drop down.

SO while choosing the de or en language it always fetch the data from en files, not sure why.

Please see my below settings file code for reference

Ah now I understand the issue :wink:

With the dropdown you change the frontend website dimension to german, english or what ever.
But the create dialog is a component of the backend ui. So what you want is to change the backend ui language.

You can do this in the user module.
So the language label you configure is for making the backend language available for others.

For instance when you have german editors or frensh editors.
The dimensions you are configured are for the nodes that are rendered in the frontend end.

So you go to the user managment module and choose your user.

And there you can chnage the backend language to german for instance.
Save that and go back to the content module.

Then the create dialog should show the german label :slight_smile:

You should also look again at how xlf files are defined and the source and target properties of the file and the individual labels:

Currently you have mixed that up a bit.

Also you can set the default backend language for all new users via the Settings.yaml:

Big Thanks,

Now I got the idea, I had the wrong understanding over translation.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for the response
yes,Now I had the idea on that.